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Urban Detailing CompanyRemodelled by Urban

Urban Detailing Company

Urban Detailing Company

Our pride and attention to detail is carried across to our detailing processes.

At Urban Detailing Company we use our own custom detailing products to ensure your vehicle looks as good as the day it came from the factory floor, this includes the interior and well as the exterior too. Our intricate detailing process is undertaken all in-house at our Milton Keynes HQ and uses a mix of advanced compounds and cleaning products to bring your vehicle to looking brand new again.

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Urban Detailing Company

The Packages


Stage 1 Package

One to two day service - Vehicle enhancement detail which includes the basic wash and also a single stage paint polish and sealant with a carnauba wax.

  • Two bucket safe wash using Micro-fibre mit
  • Decontamination - Fall out remover - tar removal - clay bar
  • Full Snow foam
  • Exterior compressed air dry
  • Single stage Enhancement - wax sealed - 2/3 months protection
  • Interior Dry valet

from £250 exc VAT

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Stage 2 Package

Two to three day service - Vehicle enhancement detail which includes the basic wash and also a two stage paint polish and low durability sealant with Gyeon Q2 Can Coat.

Stage 1 package Including:

  • Two stage cut polish - 6 months protection
  • Interior detailed

from £495 exc VAT

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Stage 3 Package

Ceramic Coating

Three to four day service - Vehicle paint work correction detail which includes a deep clean, a three stage paint polish and Gyeon Q2 Ceramic Coating

  • Deep and thorough exterior wash
  • Exterior compressed air dry in the UDC booth
  • Three stage cut/polish - Ceramic Sealant - 2+ Years Durability (Maintenance dependent)
  • Wheel faces Sealed - Optional Wheel off package Available
  • Interior detailed with hanging UDC Air Freshener

from £995 exc VAT

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Maintainence Wash Package

Our maintenance wash package can be purchased in 1, 3, 9, 12 appointments. We would require your vehicle from 9 am - 3 pm.

A maintenance clean consists of:

  • Two bucket safe wash
  • Exterior Snow foam - and inside arches
  • Rinsed with a hydrophobic rinse aid applied
  • Compressed air dry in the UDC booth
  • Gyeon Q2 Can coat application - (for previously ceramic coated cars only)
  • Interior hoovered
  • Glass cleaned
  • Spray Air freshener


1 session £25
3 sessions £70
9 sessions £200
12 sessions £250

All prices exclude VAT

Additional Extras

Wheel off package - Full Sealant

Stage 1, 2 and 3 packages include sealant to the faces of the wheels only

In this package the wheels are taken off the car to ensure they are cleaned thoroughly and that the sealant covers all areas - Old wheel weight glue removed / tar removed and old brake dust to leave a finish like new.

The Sealant will cover both the front and rear of the face and also the inner barrel ensuring an easier cleaning process for future maintenance - £250 per set of 4 Wheels.

Leather Sealant - £40 exc VAT

Fabric Sealant - £40 exc VAT

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