Vehicle Tracking Systems

Protect your pride and joy

The SmarTrack DRS S5 has been tested to the Thatcham S5 standard. The device operates using GPS/GLONASS, GPRS and GSM technology. Having an internal battery back-up, the device has the ability to remain operational even when the vehicle’s power supply is removed. The device monitors the battery voltage level, ignition status and detects if the Driver Recognition system has been activated.

The system will automatically disarm when the proximity tag is within the area of the vehicle. If the tag is not detected inside the vehicle when the customer is driving, the Global Telemetrics Control Centre will call to confirm the vehicle is safe.

1 year annual UK & European£159 + VAT

Duration payment subscription£499 + VAT

Direct debit option£13.49 p/m + VAT

Thatcham accredited for ultimate protection
Thatcham accredited for ultimate protection

Global Telemetric App

All vehicle tracking security devices come with the global telemetric app.

App Features
  • The mobile device GPS (Blue Circles) can be used as guidance to locate your vehicle
  • Mobile devices own mapping is used for quick locational information
  • Displays Battery Voltage of your vehicle (only available on apple device apps)
  • Selectable Mapping to use Satellite or Hybrid imagery
  • Compatible with Smartrack/uTrack Fleet accounts

Standard Features

  • Thatcham Category 5 Quality Assured
  • IP67 waterproof device
  • Choice of Driver Recognition Systems supplied with 2 cards/tags
  • P5 for plant and agricultural vehicles
  • Secure full fleet online account to view locations of your vehicle
  • Free Global Telemetrics app to view vehicle location
  • Monitored 24 hours a day by Global Telemetrics
  • Battery disconnection/low level battery alerts
  • Movement alerts (vehicle is moved without the DRST used)
  • Immobilisation (police request only)
  • eCall button
  • Fully transferable (Terms and Conditions apply)
  • Direct Debit for subscriptions
  • 3 year warranty (extendable to 12 years)

Ghost Immobiliser II

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser protects your car from key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft. The Ghost does not need any key-fobs or LED indications to reveal its location to potential thieves. The Ghost uses the buttons in your vehicle to allow you to make a unique, inter-changeable, disarm sequence (much like a PIN code) that must first be entered before you can drive your car.

To make it hassle free, the Ghost Immobiliser comes with an added smart-phone app that connects directly to your car and let you start driving entering in that the disarm sequence. You can even have 2 phones to be connected. You just need to pair your phone with your Ghost-II, and it running in the background with Bluetooth connected and you can drive conveniently and securely.

GI II Standard Features

The standard features for the Ghost Immobiliser II include:

  • Immobilisation by communicating with the ECU
  • Disarm sequence via buttons on steering wheel / dash
  • No transmitted radio frequency signals
  • Uses the on-board CAN data network
  • User changeable disarm sequence
  • Service / Valet mode means the disarm sequence is never compromised
  • Secure, unique emergency code should the disarm sequence be forgotten
  • Mobile application can connect to 2 phones to allow quick disarm
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