Bentley Continental GT/GTC

Bentley Continental GT/GTC
Bentley Continental GT/GTC
Urban Range

Bentley Continental GT/GTC

The Continental GT/GTC by Urban

The Urban Continental GT/GTC, the ultimate statement of power & luxury, respectfully modified with sophisticated design aesthetics to embody an unparalleled dynamic stance. Breathtaking bold design fused with modern automotive athleticism.

The ultimate statement of power & luxury
The ultimate statement of power & luxury

The Urban Kit

1_Carbon Fibre Replacement Front Bumper & Splitter

Bentley Continental GT/GTC Kit Front

2_23" or 24" Forged Alloy Wheels

Bentley Continental GT/GTC Kit Left

3_Carbon Fibre Sill Extensions

Bentley Continental GT/GTC Kit Right

4_Carbon Fibre rear Wing Assembly / 5_Replacement Carbon Fibre Rear Bumper & Diffuser / 6_Twin Billet Aluminium Quad Exhaust Tips / 7_Optional Vale-sonic Performance Exhaust

Bentley Continental GT/GTC Kit Back
Styling Options
Exterior & Design
  • Replacement Carbon Fibre Front Bumper
  • Replacement Carbon Fibre Rear Bumper
  • Twin Billet Aluminium Exhaust Tips
  • Valve-Sonic Performance Exhaust
  • Visual Carbon Fibre Sill Extensions
  • 1pc Rear Wing Assembly
  • 15mm PUR Wheel Arch Extension Kit
Design Features
  • Front Bumper Mouthpiece with Visual Carbon Fibre Surround
  • Front Bumper Side Air Intake Surrounds (ACC Compatible)
  • Zunsport Black Mesh to Front Apertures
  • Visual Carbon Rear Diffuser
  • Visual Carbon Front Splitter
  • Removable Skid Pan
  • Satin or Gloss Exposed Carbon Fibre Finishes
  • Special Finishes available in Camo, Forged or Jumbo Weave Carbon Fibre
  • Category 5 tracker - Smartrack S5
  • Ghost immobiliser
  • Full body machine polish
  • Exterior ceramic protection
Wheels & Tyres
  • Choice of 23" or 24" hybrid forged or fully forged wheels
Optional Extras
  • Carbon fibre side vents
  • Carbon fibre wing mirrors
Branding Pack
  • Urban lower sill badge
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