Urban XRS

Urban Extreme Road Series
The Ultimate Redefinition of the Defender V8

The exciting new Urban XRS programme redefines the supercharged Defender V8 with extensive exterior and interior styling packages - developed exclusively and limited to 65 conversions. Hear thunder from the supercharged V8 through the specially developed Miltek performance exhaust system. Push to hear how brutal this V8 really sounds.

The Original Urban V8 Defender

In 2015 Simon Dearn designed and built the first Urban V8 Defender - accelerating the Urban brand towards today's status: creators of the world's most distinctive Defenders.

The new XRS tributes the original with a limited number of hand-assembled vehicles built on the 2021 Defender V8 platform.

Take exclusive ownership

Limited to 65 conversions, the Urban XRS presents enthusiasts with the chance to own a unique vehicle which we believe is the ultimate redefinition of the Defender.

Each chassis will carry an dashboard plaque with an identifying build number, ensuring authenticity.

Urban XRS
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The Urban XRS is available to secure now as either a finished turn-key vehicle or as a conversion of a suitable vehicle that you may already own.

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